INVEST NEXT > BLOG FEATURED 19 AUG 2022 | 10 MIN READ    INDIAN ECONOMY IS READY FOR THE BIG LEAP IN NEXT DECADE. INVEST IN THE MARKET LEADERS IN THE BIGGEST EMERGING MARKET India by 2030: ·     Second largest economy (GDP), ahead of US, behind China. One billion plus internet users. ·     By 2030, in India One billion users will be connected to the internet. See the biggest Digitization drive ever. ·      77% or population under age 44. ·      80% of population is middle class. ·      By 2030, India's consumer spending power will be $5.7T.  WHY IN INDIA?   India is a bright spot within global macro scenario: General Atlantic. Indian economy projected to overtake US by 2040 in Purchasing Parity terms (PwC Reports). Sweet Spot India - China to power Global Market.